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What is orthodontics?
Why should you choose an orthodontic specialist for your care?
Are braces necessary?
When should I look for the early warning signs of a bad bite?
When is the best time to schedule an initial consultation?
Who should come to the initial consultation besides the patient?
What should you take home from the orthodontic consultation?
Will additional jaw growth allow self correction of crowded teeth visible in a 8 year old?
What are the benefits of early treatment?
What causes crooked teeth?
Why should I have my teeth straightened?
How do braces straighten crooked teeth?
Will things sometimes look worse before they will look better during orthodontic treatment?
Can I have my teeth aligned without having braces glued to my teeth?
What do rubber bands do?
What can I do to play down braces?
What are self-ligating braces?
Will braces correct TMD or jaw joint problems?
Can you be too old for braces or Invisalign?
Will orthodontics change my lifestyle?
How long do you have to wear braces?
If my child has early treatment often called Phase One, will additional treatment be necessary?
What will happen in the time between Phase One and Phase Two?
How do orthodontists save room for the permanent teeth?
How do orthodontists make more room for permanent teeth?
Will you have any teeth pulled?
What is serial extraction?
Why does orthodontic treatment sometimes take longer than anticipated?
Can tooth alignment change later?
What should do if your child does not want braces?
What is "instant orthodontics"?

What is orthodontics?
Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities. Braces, Aligners and other appliances/devices are used to make these corrections by moving teeth and bones.

Why should you choose an orthodontic specialist for your care?
Just as there are specialists in medicine (such as cardiologists, gastroenterologists, dermotologists, etc.), there are specialists in dentistry. Orthodontists are dental specialists who dedicate their lives to correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. Teeth and sometimes faces are permanently changed by orthodontic treatment; therefore, it is very important that the treatment be done properly. A licensed orthodontic specialist is a expert at moving teeth, helping jaws develop properly and working with you to help make sure the teeth stay in their new positions.

Are braces necessary?
No. They are elective but people seldom grow out of the more severe problems. Braces treatment can prevent other unpleasant problems from developing later in life.

When should I look for the early warning signs of a bad bite?
It is most important to examine your child's teeth as the permanent teeth grow in. Although children mature at different rates, there are some averages for permanent tooth arrival. Some signs that may indicate the need for an early orthodontic examination:
1) early or late loss of baby teeth
2) difficulty chewing or biting
3) crowding, malpositioned, or blocked out teeth
4) jaws that shift or make sounds
5) biting the cheek or roof of the mouth
6) teeth that do not meet at all
7) jaws and teeth that are out of proportion to the rest of the face
8) finger sucking or pacifier habits continued beyond the age of six

When is the best time to schedule an initial consultation?
Every child should see an orthodontist at an early age. This could be as young as 2 or 3,. By age 7, enough permanent teeth have come in and enough jaw growth has occurred, that problems can be identified. Early consultation allows the orthodontist to determine the optimum time for treatment to begin. Many parents and some family dentists assume that they must wait until a child has all of his or her permanent teeth, only to find out that treatment would have been much easier if started earlier. Early treatment can eliminate the need for more drastic measures. In some cases, satisfactory results are unattainable once the face and jaws have finished growing. With proper timing, children may not have to endure years of embarrassment. Adults can be treated at any age as long as the gums and bone holding the teeth are healthy.

Who should come to the initial consultation besides the patient?
If you rely heavily on the opinion of others before making treatment commitments, you are encouraged to bring all the decision makers with you to this consultation. They can be taking notes while you listen or act as a sounding board. Your orthodontist doesn't want information lost in translation if decision maker does not come and you have to relay the consultation outcome to them.









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